"Margie, you were a very lucky find for me....I could not have done this project to the quality it has without your expertise."

Director, Large Software Company

"You ROCK!"

Different Director, Same Large Company

About Margie

Margie has extensive experience as the lead UX professional and program manager for multiple software projects. She has successfully worked on projects that range from creating a cohesive cross-channel product acquistion experience to designing meaningful presentation of complex data for customer consumption and interaction. Margie enjoys multi-disciplinary team environments that require innovation, collaboration, and flexibility in order to achieve success.

Margie has completed numerous projects that were global in scope at a large software company near Seattle. These projects have required rapid immersion to grasp the business environment, detailed as-is usability analysis, customer research, and creation of UX roadmaps. Design deliverables have included high-level concept models, process and workflow diagrams, persona definition, sitemaps and wireframes, prototypes, taxonomies, and user permission models.  She has managed graphic design, copy writing, and editorial oversight, as well as produced detailed documentation for developers and visually-rich presentations for stakeholders.

Margie earned professional certification from the University of Washington in Software Product Management in 1998. Prior to that, she received a Masters degree from the University of Minnesota in Speech-Language-Communications and a Bachelors degree in Cognitive Psychology from the University of California.

Margie's passion for excellent customer experiences, sensibly organized data, and effective content stems directly from her life-long fascination with the human mind and how it understands, embraces, and engages with information.